About Us

Hello there and welcome to audio-arts.co.uk! My name is Sheila and I have been working as a freelancer for an online home décor magazine. I research and write about a wide range of topics such as accessories, jewellery, handbags, sunglasses, trainers, watches and many other fashion items. I started this blog to keep a journal of my life’s happenings, events and of course to share some stuff about shopping, fun activities and other information.

Besides writing I love socialising, this is my habit and I socialise every day. I believe that socialising with others can broaden your mind, helping you to have fun and most importantly your friends will standby and support you when you need help. The power of socialising is incredible, isn’t it? I am trying to blog regularly and share my posts on several social networking channels, so please do support me.

I understand how easy it is to spend more and more money on shopping, and I believe there is money to be saved. In this blog I will tell you how to reduce your spending, ensuring you enjoy your life. This blog features all the information needed in order to save money on shopping.

My blog will focus on the latest audio tracks, online shopping, music, singers, celebrities and so much more. I welcome comments and suggestions.

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